In the upcoming months, Dott will introduce a fleet of 2,000 shared electric scooters in Madrid. After a competitive tendering process, Dott was chosen as one of three operators to receive a three-year contract in the Spanish Capital.

New cars with big (12″) stability-enhancing wheels, front, rear, and indicator lights, as well as a phone holder, will be beneficial to users. With the addition of the e-scooters to the Dott e-bike fleet already running in Madrid as of March 2021, riders will have additional choice to select the vehicle that best matches their needs at various times.

Maxim Romain, Co-Founder and COO, Dott, said: “The launch in Madrid marks a turning point for our service in Spain, and a major increase in the number of vehicles we operate there as we bring efficient, safe and environmentally friendly transport to the Capital city. We will bring our experience of collaborating closely with city authorities across Europe to ensure that we offer a reliable service for our riders whilst respecting all other road users and pedestrians.”

Dott, the accountable municipal partner, supports regulations to guarantee that its vehicles are carefully integrated. Over 300 parking spaces spread out throughout the city are available for vehicles to be identified and parked.

All electric scooters will be equipped with license plates, which will increase rider accountability and make it simpler to report individuals who violate traffic laws. To keep streets and sidewalks clear for all other drivers and pedestrians, Dott will remove any vehicles that are reported as being improperly parked within an hour of receiving a notification.

Dott is committed to minimizing its environmental impact and supports its operations with the usage of cargo bikes and 100% electric vehicles for fleet movement and battery swaps. Renewable energy is used to power e-scooters, while regular upkeep and repair work increase vehicle longevity.

Dott’s fleet of vehicles is maintained by teams of in-house, skilled mechanics, ensuring that riders will always be safe and dependable. Every time a battery is changed for an e-scooter, as well as during a routine maintenance schedule, they are inspected.

Dott’s cars have speed limits built in, with lower limits set for places with plenty of pedestrian traffic. Over 1 million spaces will be made available at a number of ongoing, cost-free safe driving courses in order to promote safe riding.