When the world’s largest cycling race, the Tour de France, comes to Denmark with as many as three stages this summer, a community of about 5,000 volunteers will be part of the yellow festival across the country. Among other things, the volunteers will help to seal off the route, provide information to the spectators and contribute to local activities.

3 stages, 13 municipalities and about 5,000 volunteers. The Tour de France starts this summer in Denmark, and this is the first time that an entire country has hosted. Therefore, the parties behind the Danish Tour start have an ambition to paint Denmark yellow this summer and create a big folk festival across the whole country. An ambition that the volunteers must help to realise.

“The Tour de France in Denmark must be a fantastic folk festival across the whole country, which is why we must activate widely. In Denmark, we have a proud tradition of volunteering, which is why I am pleased that we can also engage a lot of volunteers for the Danish Tour start, as part of our big cycling party,” says Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, Chairman of the Board of Grand Départ Copenhagen Denmark 2022 I/S and Lord Mayor of the City of Copenhagen.

For the Danish Tour start, there will be two very general types of volunteers – Tour de France officials and city volunteers. Tour de France officials will stand along the route and help guide citizens and visitors along the stages, but also foresmant the riders so they drive the right way. The city volunteers will help create the folk festival locally in the municipalities.

“Such a big event does not create itself. The 5,000 volunteers will be important for the Danish Tour start – and at the same time they will have a unique experience. In the municipalities, the volunteers will, among other things, host the visitors of the cities and help out in the fan zones. The municipalities are well in the process of recruiting volunteers for this summer’s yellow folk festival, but it is also still possible to sign up if anyone would like to,” says Ida Bigum Nielsen, Director of Grand Départ Copenhagen Denmark 2022 I/S.

The municipalities have different wishes and ambitions for their local folk festivals and the number of side events. Therefore, there will also be different volunteer roles from municipality to municipality. The recruitment of the 5,000 volunteers takes place locally in the 13 municipalities, all part of the Danish Tour start. The cities are already well underway with the recruitment, but you can still become part of the Tour of Denmark.

Read more about the volunteer role and how to volunteer via this link.