We asked Augustin Friedel, Mobility Expert and Advisor, to share his predictions for mobility in 2022.

“ Here are selected observations and expectations for 2022. Overall, the shared mobility space will stay dynamic and exciting – fuelled by customer demand, funding and political agendas.”

Shared micro mobility

“ The shared micro mobility is expected to be dynamic in 2022 and service operators will continue with what they haves started in 2021. Expanding in long tail cities across Europe and the US and elaborating more revenue streams. In Europe we see already 1.300 shared micro mobility deployments across the continent and players like Tier Mobility, Lime or Dott are also adding more form factors in addition to the e-scooter fleet. Other operators go even further and expand into the delivery or even media streaming business. I’m curious to see, if the ambitions of shared mobility players in the retail segment could be fulfilled or if this vertical will be rolled back.”

Electrification of shared fleets

“ Shared micro mobility vehicles set the base for electrifying the shared mobility fleets also in other verticals. The major car sharing players in Europe are either going all with fully electric fleets or adding more and more EVs to the setup when renewing the fleets. The ride hailing sector is the next vertical that could see an increasing share of electric vehicles. The improving total cost of ownership of modern EVs are an opportunity for drivers. Different players in Europe, China and the US are working on special purpose vehicles dedicated for ride hailing as well.”

Autonomous driving

“ The vertical of autonomous driving is getting more attention again and 2022 will be the year were companies like Cruise, Motional or Aurora need to proof that the tech stacks are ready for commercial deployments in autonomous trucking and robot-taxi services. We will also get more transparency on the progress at Aurora, TuSimple and other companies down the value chain that went public in 2021.”

“ My personal wish is that more people continue to switch to environmentally friendly alternatives in 2022. Shifting to electrified vehicles of any formfactor would reduce emissions and would improve the monthly spending for mobility and transportation, especially if car trips are replaced by scooters or e-bikes. Please follow me on LinkedIn for regular insights and updates.”

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