We asked Jocelyn Kemker – de Kruif , Veloloog (bicycle mobility consultant) at Bureau voor fietsstimulering triple Joy, to share her predictions for mobility in 2022.

“The role of sustainable mobility is growing slowly. Slow is not by definition a bad thing; it actually offers much that is good. Sustainable development needs change. And change needs time, especially where it involves complex behavioral change. 

“NGO’s, companies and entrepreneurs planted little seeds for that change years ago. That proverbial grass continuous to grow. Grassroots organizations and start-ups embrace new forms of sustainable mobility and sustainable business models. Altogether, this seems to mark the beginning of an entirely new era.” 

“The e-bike for example is booming in the Netherlands. Where you first got from A to B on your old bike, new labels and shared mobility are growing. To have a nice and comfortable bike or to rent one is nowadays part of people’s identity. Besides that, people are also more aware of preserving the environment. For now and for the future.”  

“Currently, increasing numbers of employers and employees are looking at remote working policies. For example, employers facilitate employees to try out all types of e-bikes. With little steps employees can find out what works for them. And what about employers who are helping out with business bikes and combinations of train with bike solutions.” 

“With little steps towards bigger changes. Also the car industry is embracing the bike. For example leasing companies deliver diverse options for e-bike rental. Another development is that e-bike rental companies and car service chains cooperate with each other. You can leave your rental bike at the carservice point and the car drivers learn more about e-bike possibilities.” 

“In the province of Utrecht half of the trips by car are shorter than 7,5 kilometers ( KiM expects an increase of bicycle use of 9% between 2019 and 2026. So even though in a cycling country as the Netherlands there is still a lot of potential.” 

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