The International Mobility Summit 2022 welcomes thought leaders and innovators from around the world to Copenhagen in October. We asked Andy Taylor, Senior Director of Global Strategy for Cubic Transportation Systems about biggest challenges and opportunities for Future Mobility in cities and regions and the people he most admires in the Mobility/Cities space.

On challenges and opportunities:

“With the increasing cost of living, and the need to drive sustainable mobility, cities and regions need to focus on delivering holistic mobility options to all that need them. Mobility shouldn’t be constrained to those with smartphones and credit cards; cities need to embrace all forms of mobility and make sure they are offered equitably to all citizens.”

On people do he admires most in Mobility/Cities:

“Sampo Hietanan – the father of MaaS. Without him, we would still be focusing on different mobility solutions.

Seleta Reynolds – GM of LA DOT – her focus on driving better mobility options, and forcing the issues on open mobility data, has moved the reality of interoperability further along and has delivered immediate benefits in the Los Angeles region.”


Andy Taylor is the Senior Director of Global Strategy for Cubic Transportation Systems a global transportation expert with over 30 years of experience in diverse transportation domains, from air traffic control to multi-modal mobility. Over the last eight years at Cubic, Andy has overseen global strategy, focusing on strategic partnerships with some of the world’s leading technology and software companies. In that role, he has spearheaded the Mobility-as-a-Service solution to help cities and transit agencies evaluate the potential benefits of integrated multi-modal transport options and has recently been elected as the President of the MaaS Alliance.