We sat down with Annemari Muru, CEO of contactless car rental company Liigu, at the International Mobility Summit 2022 to ask her about the challenges and opportunities ahead for the global mobility community.
“The biggest challenge we are facing is fast and convenient access to transportation and how to make travelling over longer distances and durations flexible, safe, and convenient while also remaining sustainable in the long run. Personal cars are still the most convenient way of transportation in many use cases. However, the people’s attitudes towards owning personal cars is changing. In the future, cars are no longer a product, but a service. We will use cars only if and when we need to. With Liigu, the customer can have a car anytime anywhere without having to own it and worry about its maintenance, cost, and sustainability. Our vision is a future, where the convenience of personal mobility and environmentally friendly car usage can go hand in hand.
“The biggest opportunity for us in the mobility industry is the change in customer needs and expectations. Modern customers travel more, live and work in different countries and use contactless services daily. This helps to motivate mobility companies to make their services technologically advanced and all in all more accessible. Improved accessibility of shared services decreases the number of cars globally and thus helps to reduce the impact of vehicles on the environment.”
Annemari Muru is the CEO of Liigu. She joined the mobility industry three years ago as the Business Process Manager at car rental connectivity platform Car Rental Gateway. She has been leading Liigu from its inception in 2021. She has extensive knowledge and experience in project and business management. Before switching to the mobility industry, she was responsible for managing European Structural Funds investments to R&D and the higher education sector in Estonia over the years. With additional experience in the executive coaching field, she brings systematic, analytical, and humanistic perspectives to the industry.