Simply put, HindSight puts eyes on the back of your head. A team of dreamers, pragmatists and champions, HindSight was founded by physicist Alex Macdonald and Olympic Champion cyclist Callum Skinner, and is a revolutionary company aiming to change the way the world cycles. Passionate about cycling, Alex and Callum set about finding a solution for rear vision with the aim of making the world of cycling better for

everyone – you wouldn’t consider your car safe without mirrors, why did cyclists have no good options?

After partnering with an award-winning optical system engineering team and creating a mathematically optimised rear vision solution, HindSight created its patented lens technology providing rear vision without sacrificing forward sight. HindSight’s products have elegance through their simplicity, both easy and comfortable to wear. From humble beginnings in a London warehouse flat, HindSight’s team has grown from one cycling nerd to a team of industry professionals and world record holders who are changing the way the world cycles