Kobla is an app offered to municipalities, that helps their citizens choose eco-friendly travel options. The app uses gamification, nudging and competitions to make green travels more fun. It provides information such as car costs and co2-emissions that helps the user take control of their mobility habits. The app is designed for busy times and privacy first, so it logs journeys automatically but data never leaves the user’s phone. Kobla is an easy to use tool that municipalities and companies to improve habits and work environment, thereby contributing to greener living.

Kobla AS is a startup company based outside Oslo, Norway. Our main product is the Kobla app, which we have introduced in seven different municipalities in Norway and Sweden, in different climates, cultures and topologies. In «Nudging up North» we share what we have learned about influencing citizens, about gamification and about how to introduce a new app without a big marketing budget.


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