CAKE, a Swedish manufacturer of high-end, lightweight electric motorcycles, and Volta Trucks have joined together to offer the H&M Group, a major player in the worldwide fashion industry, fully integrated, electric deliveries to its clients in Paris. By utilizing an unmatched, effective combination of electric trucks and electric two-wheelers, the H&M Group will be able to deliver its orders starting in February all the way from the warehouses to the door of the consumer. The shower idea solution strives to have as little influence as possible on the urban environment while being tailored for future urban logistics.

“As a majority of today’s last-mile delivery chains will soon be banned in many of the world’s largest cities, the H&M Group seeks to engage in future-proof solutions already now. This will enable for contributions of lower emissions and less congestion, while benefiting from far more efficient deliveries all the way to the end customer, paving the way for both healthier cities and business advantages,” says Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO, CAKE.

Rolling hubs and two-wheeled couriers

Both CAKE and Volta Trucks were established in order to address the current transportation difficulties. The combination of the two technologies, which originate from two different vehicle platforms but have similar goals, opens up new prospects for e-commerce and the rapidly expanding delivery sector, which is now positioned to comply with game-changing international rules and regulations.

Volta Trucks has created an electric truck with a standard industry loading capacity that delivers emission-free transportation and improved safety in metropolitan areas. The electric trucks are the ideal vehicle for carrying full loads of packages and can pass through future city borders. They can then anchor in central locations while packages are delivered last-mile by a set of CAKE bikes, getting to the customers quickly, without causing traffic jams, and with minimal parking hassles.

“We’ve designed the full-electric Volta Zero to be the cleanest, safest and most efficient urban delivery vehicle. Most of our customers are using trucks to deliver from out-of-town warehouses to inner city stores. But as a forward-thinking brand, we’ve always sought innovative partners to deliver new and industry-redefining solutions. The partnership between Volta Trucks, CAKE and H&M Group will showcase how a combination of zero tailpipe emission transport solutions can bring benefits to brands, customers, and city center environments.” says Essa Al-Saleh, Chief Executive Officer of Volta Trucks.

“An important part of our approach is to work openly and closely with partners, including to reduce emissions throughout our value chain. Initiatives like those with Volta Trucks and Cake help us advance our sustainability goals faster than we could on our own and have a positive impact in leading the transformation to a better fashion future. This starts with improving sustainability performance in our own operations and demonstrating the resilience of a sustainable business direction”, Paul Ticehurst, H&M Group Logistics Transport Lead.

Paris is the example.

As a result of traffic and environmental concerns, Paris was among the first cities in the world to restrict city transportation. The adoption of legislation restricting car traffic in the city core is scheduled for late 2023 in the French capital. The ban, which is anticipated to remove almost 100,000 automobiles from the roads daily, will not apply to CAKE electric motorcycles and mopeds. Additionally, starting on September 1st, two-wheelers with internal combustion engines will have to pay for parking, while electric alternatives will still be able to park for free on Parisian streets.