On Bernstorffsgade in Copenhagen, the largest urban lightning charging station for electric cars in Denmark debuted in August 2022, with the capacity to charge up to eight electric vehicles simultaneously. The charging station, which is operated by the energy provider ViggoEnergy, will be enlarged in mid-December to include more lightning chargers, allowing up to 14 vehicles to charge simultaneously.

The Bernstorffsgade lightning charging station was inaugurated in August with eight 300 kW lightning chargers. ViggoEnergy, a subsidiary of the 100% electric taxi company Viggo, will add three lightning chargers to its charging station in mid-December, allowing it to now accommodate up to 14 vehicles. The lightning chargers, which are the only ones of their sort in central Copenhagen, are accessible to businesses, private electric drivers, and drivers from all industries.

“The expansion is a big step for us. It has been the plan from the start that we should expand to 14 lightning chargers, but the fact that we can already do this 4 months after the charging station was opened is almost unreal. It really makes good sense to add the extra chargers right now, because the demand is high and increasing, and now we can meet it to a greater extent. ” says Henriette Friis, Project Manager at ViggoEnergy.

The number of electric vehicles on the streets of Copenhagen is rising, and electric vehicles are gaining ground in Denmark. In fact, the number of electric vehicles increased between 1 May 2021 and 1 May 2022, necessitating an increase in charging capacity.

“Fortunately, more and more Danes are choosing electric cars when they need a new car. This is good news for the climate, but if that development is to continue, we also have a responsibility to create infrastructure that makes it easy to own an electric car. Location, capacity and speed are crucial here. By adding even more lightning chargers, which charge significantly faster compared to the normal kerbside chargers in central Copenhagen, we can tick all three parameters and make it more attractive to choose electric cars.” continues Henriette Friis.

The Bernstorffstrde extension will increase the number of ViggoEnergy’s charging stations in Copenhagen from three with 14 outlets to three with 20 outlets. In the future years, this number must be greatly increased, according to an announcement from ViggoEnergy, which expects to debut with more than 60 charging stations and more than 500 charging ports throughout Europe. A target that must be attained by the end of 2025.

 “The need for charging infrastructure has been increasing for several years, and it will increase further in the coming years. It is gratifying for the climate challenges we face that development is going in that direction, and we have a fundamental mission to support the progress of electric-powered traffic. Therefore, it is our goal to create a better framework and conditions for electric cars in Europe, and we do this by ensuring that both private and business operators have easy access to a large charging network .” Says CEO of Viggo, Kenneth Herschel