We asked Jeroen Jonker, Vice President Business Development at Tritium, to share his predictions for mobility in 2022.

The electric vehicle market is accelerating at an unprecedented high pace

“The electric vehicle (EV) movement began with early adopters buying premium EVs with limited range, but now more and more mid-market EVs have entered the market. EV drivers will increasingly encounter charge points that are occupied, even entire charge parks where drivers must queue to charge.”

“This is due to the expected explosion of EVs pouring onto the roads in the next 3-5 years and the lagging growth of charging locations and charge points, as well as insufficient charging speeds at many of these locations. This has proven to be a major hurdle for future EV owners to make the transition from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to EVs.”

The ratio of charge points VS EV’s is massively lagging

“We must accelerate the roll out of high-density fast charging stations, providing many more charge points per site and higher charging speeds. Considering Tesla’s pool of EVs and its Supercharger network, we see huge amount of charge parks with typically 10-40 direct current (DC) fast chargers per site at 120- 250kW speeds. And even then, there is the occasional queuing along busy corridors at peak traffic.”

“Looking at Tesla is looking into the future of universal charge parks. For all the non-Tesla EVs, we need to build a similarly extensive global web of large charge parks with speeds ranging from 150kW to 350kW.”

Scalable and cost-effective DC charging infrastructure required to accelerate deployment

“To enable the accelerated deployment in a cost-effective manner, Tritium has launched its new DC charging platform that is flexible and scalable: scale up (with more charger power) as more EVs enter the market with higher charging speed and scale out (with more charge points) as traffic and utilisation
increases. This enables the operators to synchronise capital expenditure (CapeEx), operating expenditure (OpEx) and revenues as the charge park capacity and utilisation develops over time, to be ahead of the EV market explosion.”

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