A man standing on an e-scooter

With software regulating the speed limit and e-learning modules available via the Dott app, Stockholm residents can now travel around the city in a safe, sustainable, and convenient manner.

Dott, a European micromobility company, announced the launch of its shared e-scooter service in Stockholm, Sweden, on 14 March 2022. Dott’s e-scooters will now provide residents with a reliable service, cleaner air, and less congestion.

Stockholm residents and visitors will have access to a fleet of 1,500 e-scooters, which will provide an enjoyable travel experience that makes it simple to discover new areas and unlock new experiences.

Dott’s e-scooters are designed with safety in mind, with large wheels, front, rear, and indicator lights, triple breaking, and license plates. The software that controls the vehicles establishes a 20km/h speed limit and incorporates slow and no-zone zones. To ensure responsible riding, e-learning modules are also available through the Dott app.

Cedric Borglund Janson, Dott’s Area Manager for Stockholm, stated, “Our e-scooters offer the most efficient way to travel across Stockholm without causing congestion or pollution. We are bringing our experience from major European cities to ensure that our service is carefully integrated into the city, offering a reliable service for our riders whilst respecting other road users and pedestrians.”

Dott places a premium on the safety of its riders, other road users, and pedestrians, collaborating closely with the cities in which it operates to provide a service tailored to each city’s unique needs. Repairs and maintenance will be carried out in-house by Dott’s warehouse specialists, ensuring safety, reliability, and quality. Vehicles are constructed to last and repaired as needed, with any parts that cannot be reused recycled.

At Dott, every business decision is made with the environment and social impact in mind. The micro-mobility company is committed to reusing, upcycling, or recycling 100 percent of used vehicles and parts and aims to extend the life of its vehicles beyond five years. Dott’s goal is to operate a 100 percent electric logistics fleet and to power all of its cities with renewable energy. The service is designed to be as accessible as possible, and Dott works closely with local communities, aiming for equal coverage across its service areas and collaborating with local organizations to help improve the cities in which it operates.