On 16 November 2022, during the Transport Research Arena 2022 in Lisbon, the EUCAR and CEDR signed an agreement to increase cooperation between the automobile industry and road infrastructure.

EUCAR (European Council for Automotive R&D) and CEDR (The Conference of European Director of Roads) have collaborated to promote innovation in road transportation and speed up its implementation. Organizations in the automobile industry and road network management have agreed to facilitate collaborative project endorsement for certain important projects that will advance the state of the art in vehicular transportation.

The European Union’s national road administrations have formed an organization called the Conference of European Director of Roads (CEDR) to foster best practices in road management across Europe. The Center for Effective Development of Roads (CEDR) continues to strengthen its position as the platform for Road Directors and National Road Administrations that reliably and effectively facilitates benchmarking and sharing of knowledge and best practices, collaborations and sharing of resources in joint projects, professional networking, and competence building.

It is the mission of the European Council for Automotive R&D (EUCAR), an R&I association of major European automakers, to develop road transport solutions that are sustainable, safe, clean, and efficient; these solutions should allow people to move around freely while also benefiting society. By supporting pre-competitive R&D projects and encouraging member engagement in a variety of European R&D collaboration programs, EUCAR boosts European automakers’ competitiveness.


As part of this agreement, EUCAR and CEDR will work together to define the circumstances under which they would offer funding for projects responding to specific applications issued by EU and other programmes, taking into account the respective parties’ respective aims and priorities. Support from the associations and their working groups, as well as access to newspapers and social media, will help the sponsored projects spread their message even further and have a greater impact.