Narrowing down 563 applications from startups in 38 countries to just 50 was not an easy task for the 57-independent evaluators of the European Startup Prize for Mobility. They spent the past two months evaluating and ranking the applications using a very rigorous methodology with clear criteria. These 50 will be whittled down to 10 top winners as well as laureates of the 10 special prize categories after the jury completes in-depth interviews with the finalists. Those will be invited to pitch live on stage at a high-level VIP final ceremony.

Commenting on the shortlist, EUSP Managing Director, Grégory Merly said:

“One of the most exciting moments for us each year is exactly now, once the evaluators have analysed the applications. That’s when we get a clearer picture of our entire ecosystem, recognising trends, and evolutions in the startups’ size, maturity, sectors, etc. Of course, that also allows us to then recognise and congratulate those startups who are now finalist candidates to winning this year.
We still don’t know who will be on stage at our final ceremony. We do know that they are true disruptors of mobility as we know it. The innovative community is definitely playing its role when it comes to planning a more sustainable, inclusive, and efficient future. In fact, almost a fourth of this year’s applicant startups were created in 2021. That’s right, during the second year of the pandemic, European entrepreneurs might be in isolation, they might even be ill but they’re definitely not idle. They are busy innovating a cleaner and smarter world for us to live in. Rather than complain about the present and worry about the future, they make use of the present opportunity to create a better future. This is one of the inspiring conclusions from analysing this year’s candidate startups. That’s also our motivation to continue supporting the most promising startups!”

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