We asked Jacob Saugman, Head of DSB Digital Labs, DSB , to share his predictions for mobility in 2022.

From scattered to holistic mobility

“MaaS has been one of the buzzwords the past years and many players have the technology ready, but something has been keeping us from moving forward.

Traditional operations for mobility and “new” mobility services has been working in different tracks as the new mobility providers often need to fight a brave fight getting foothold with the customers, whereas the traditional operations are just now opening our eyes to the connected journey.

2022 might be a bit early, but I hope to see a holistic approach to mobility. Should I as a public transportation company insist on advising the users to take a train for a specific journey if we know challenges have occurred or should I find a way to keep my user moving? For me the answer is obvious, and I believe that we will see more and more steps toward the holistic approach to mobility services in 2022.

Data for the greater good of mobility

As anyone would reckon, data is the center for all intelligent mobility and we will be able to predict where the user need to go before even taking a step out the main door. Data privacy is already a hot topic, but as mobility evolves, we need to balance the convenient towards the creepy and design service for the greater good of mobility and not just collect data because we can.”

Rise in public-private partnerships 

The real connected journey for the users, require public and private actors to come together and experiment. A lot is going on already, but I believe that the pandemic is an excellent catalyst and the timing is right for the public companies to let down their guard and start making it easy for the private vendors to connect and form valuable partnerships.

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