By developing a Mobility-Intelligence-as-a-Service solution, CitySwift is working to make the public transportation industry more resilient and environmentally friendly. The Irish business has recently raised €5 million and is preparing to go worldwide.

In today’s cities, public transportation is essential. It facilitates urban transportation by linking commuters, friends, and family to the destinations they must reach. It is a sector that is essential to how a city will grow in the future and has significant effects on a metropolitan hub’s carbon footprint.

But it’s an industry that faces a variety of difficulties, such as rising fuel prices, a lack of drivers, finance issues, and issues with fulfilling carbon reduction targets and avoiding congestion. It’s a sector that need technology to boost resilience and make operations more effective. That is what CitySwift seeks to do. Recently, the Irish business secured €5 million to expand its Mobility-Intelligence-as-a-Service to international markets.

Act Venture Capital led the €5 million Series A funding round, including participation from all current investors, such as Declan Ryan’s Irelandia Investments, Mike McGearty, the former CEO of CarTrawler, Enterprise Ireland, and the Western Development Commission.

Since its founding in 2016, the Galway-based team has received a total of €8.5 million in funding.

It will be used to expedite expansion plans and further the business’s mission of assisting the public transportation sector in developing resilience against recurring problems like fuel price increases, driver shortages, funding instability, and Covid-19 recovery.

CitySwift is expanding its technology internationally after securing relationships with organizations including National Express, Go Ahead Group, and Transport for Wales in the UK and the MTA in New York.

Brian O’Rourke, CitySwift Co-Founder and CEO commented: “This new era of CitySwift is one where we are focused on preparing our partners for a greener, cleaner future of mobility, by matching supply and demand across their networks now. CitySwift strongly believes the future is bright for public transport, and Mobility Intelligence is the key that will unlock attractive, efficient, and green public transport across cities globally.”

With the help of Mobility-Intelligence-as-a-Service, a big data firm called CitySwift, which was founded by actors Alan Farrelly and Brian O’Rourke, is transforming bus networks around the world.

Bus networks can swiftly adjust and run their networks for effectiveness, profitability, and expansion thanks to the platform’s exact insights.

According to Brain O’Rourke, ​​“Over the past decade, we have seen a significant shift in the way the world moves due to compounding crises such as climate change and the Covid19 pandemic. Cities worldwide have become more congested, travel patterns have changed, the cost of living has increased and sustainability is now a key issue of the political agenda. These shifts have presented us with an exciting opportunity. The public transport industry must rethink its traditional ways of operating and shift its focus from supply to demand in order to optimize networks for the future – and data is what will unlock these efficient and optimized networks. Private operators and public authorities require data-enriched insights to inform them on how to best adapt and operate their networks to provide more efficient, reliable and sustainable services.”

The Galway-based inventors have announced new product announcements in addition to this fresh investment, giving them even more flexibility as they combine the power of data and public transportation to get transportation systems throughout the world ready for the future of mobility.

The new product line includes CitySwift’s Evolve module, which offers scenario planning for AI-powered bus timetabling and movement pattern simulation for precisely matching frequency with demand. These features result in over 5x ROI, a 45% reduction in late buses, and over 2% reduction in operating hours with existing clients, as well as significant emission reductions, financial savings, and increases in passenger demand in cities.

In addition, CitySwift recently unveiled the Discover service, a collection of dashboards tailored to various transport businesses’ pain areas. These dashboards, which are already causing a sharp increase in utilization among CitySwift’s current clientele, contain demand forecasting and driver performance for understanding how service modifications will affect passenger demand and revenue as well as driver retention and punctuality information.

These updated and new products will help CitySwift realize its goal of lowering global transportation-related emissions by assisting public transportation systems in luring more users away from private vehicle use.