Daily commutes and travel using Helbiz e-scooters, e-bicycles and e-mopeds will be even smoother now that Helbiz Inc.’s fleet of electric vehicles is integrated and operating within Google Maps.

The integration enables users to locate Helbiz’s electric vehicles within the Google Maps app. Nearby Helbiz vehicles will appear on the map with the approximate price, estimated trip duration and optimized route to the traveler’s desired destination. After selecting this method of transportation, riders will be redirected to the Helbiz app to start their ride. This feature is available in all cities that Helbiz currently operates in and will expand into each new market the company enters moving forward.

This collaboration further supports Helbiz’s commitment to providing accessible, alternative modes of transportation to local communities. By utilizing Google Maps, users worldwide will be able to find a nearby vehicle to quickly meet their first- and last-mile needs, while also reducing traffic and pollution.

We are thrilled to begin this collaboration with Google Maps that offers easy access to our efficient and sustainable transportation options,” said Nemanja Stancic, chief technology officer, Helbiz. “This integration will make it easier for Google Maps users to incorporate shared electric vehicles into their daily commute and plan multimodal journeys. It also serves as an important milestone in our mission to ensure smart cities are rooted in green mobility initiatives.