The International Mobility Summit will bring together some of the best minds, movers, shakers and mould breakers to Copenhagen for two days in October. We sat down with Inga Grieger to find out her thoughts on tech innovation in the mobility space and what this means for people and goods:

“The good news is that we are seeing a lot of technological innovation right now, much of it driven by the idea of making mobility more sustainable and climate-friendly. With our second fund, BMW i Ventures, we invest foremost in sustainable solutions along the automotive industry and the supply chain as well as in mobility concepts. I would like to highlight three areas in which technological innovation will make a difference.

First: charging infrastructure. I am thinking about the Munich-based startup HeyCharge. They offer a scalable and accessible EV charging solution that eliminates the need for an on-site internet connection. I am sure that this approach will revolutionize the EV charging industry.  

Second: battery technology. For example from Our Next Energy, One. One is a Detroit-born energy storage company focused on battery technologies that will radically accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, and expand the possibilities of next-level storage solutions.  

Third: Boston Metal. The company has developed an innovative process, Molten Oxide Electrolysis (MOE), to produce carbon-neutral emission-free steel at scale and cost-competitively with existing steelmaking processes.  

This is just a selection among other great solutions. I am also a fan of Urban-x which is aiming to build more sustainable, equitable, and resilient cities to tackle climate change.”


Inga Grieger works as a Business Development Manager at BMW i Ventures since 2021.  In this role, she strengthens the collaboration between BMW i Ventures portfolio companies and the BMW Group amplifying investments in sustainable solutions for the industry.