Padraic McElwee, Head of Enterprise at Clare County Council, shares his mobility insights and expectations for attending Motion by Electronomous, a premier event exploring the forefront of future mobility.

What are you most looking forward to about attending Motion by Electronomous?  

I am fascinated by the ever evolving and emerging trends in what our future mobility options may look like. Due to the speed of innovation and new solutions, its hard to keep up to date with what is happening around the world. Motion by Electronomous provides the opportunity to bring together the various entities developing concepts and new thinking in future mobility. It provides the platform for sharing ideas and to foster future collaboration in designing our future mobility options.

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities for Future Mobility in cities and regions? 

Future mobility presents many challenges, technical obviously, some physical in terms of the layout of our cities and regions but perhaps more critically is the cultural change required for people to adopt new modes of transport. How will future mobility options enhance safety, ease of travel and how will that message be conveyed to a wider, perhaps sceptical, audience. There is an imperative for global change in transport driven by climate change requirements and a desire for a more efficient modes of transport. Therein lies the opportunity. The challenge is delivering that globally in a manner which is consistent, safe and ideally a standardised approach across many different jurisdictions.

What are your personal/business goals for attending the event?  

My remit is to foster and facilitate early-stage start-up enterprises. Future mobility and its wider supply chain requirements, present many options for innovative enterprises to develop solutions which enhance the trajectory of future mobility options. This is a significant economic development opportunity for our region as we believe Clare has the infrastructure and support mechanisms in place to develop a dynamic eco-system which can become a world leader in future mobility.