Sakuu‘s development of a high-throughput, economically viable, additive-produced battery line for solid-state batteries with ultra-high energy density will be accelerated by the long-term, multi-level relationship between Sakuu and LiCAP Technologies.

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been signed between Sakuu, the creator of the Swift PrintTM solid-state battery technology, and LiCAP Technologies, Inc, a pioneer in environmentally friendly and scalable electrode coating solutions. For Sakuu’s additive manufactured (AM) solid-state battery technology, the two businesses will collaborate to establish best practices for end-to-end development and the dependable commercial supply of premium electrodes.

Sakuu intends to license LiCAP’s innovative and exclusive battery electrode technology through this agreement. LiCAP also has plans to work with Sakuu to develop its upcoming generation of ultra-high energy density batteries and to supply high-performance electrodes for Sakuu’s expected at-scale solid-state battery production demands.

“We are pleased to have established this relationship with LiCAP towards introducing and commercializing sustainably printed solid-state batteries,” said Arwed Niestroj, SVP of Customer Enablement at Sakuu. “LiCAP’s electrodes can substantially increase energy and power performance of Sakuu’s battery cells. Its innovative and cost-effective electrode technology can further promote performance, cost-savings, and product recyclability across our planned AM solid-state battery line.”

It’s predicted that LiCAP’s innovative electrode solution will play a significant role in Sakuu’s AM battery line. The ultra-high energy density solid-state batteries Sakuu is creating are expected to be 50% smaller and 30% lighter than conventional roll-to-roll manufacturing procedures, and they may be printed in unique forms and sizes.

“We are extremely impressed with Sakuu’s AM battery manufacturing concept and see many synergies with our sustainable and cost-effective electrode platform. Sharing sustainability and performance goals with Sakuu will ensure long-term mutual growth,” said Linda Zhong, President of LiCAP Technologies. “We are excited that a company which we believe is on the verge of becoming a significant driver of product and process innovation in the energy storage space is working with our technology for their game-changing solid-state battery concept.”

Scalability in manufacturing is frequently cited as one of the main issues facing solid-state battery researchers today. The upcoming solid-state batteries from Sakuu, which could be printed in a variety of shapes and sizes and boast an ultra-high energy density, represent a new paradigm in the field of energy storage.