We asked Koen Kennis, vice mayor of the city of Antwerp and PAC chairman , to share his predictions for mobility in 2022.

MaaS for everybody  

MaaS as a concept has been well known to professionals for the past couple of years. However, the general public is not yet catching up. Knowledge of use and benefits of MaaS platforms until now remain for pioneers only. This is problematic, because MaaS indeed has the potential to make life easier for both users and providers of mobility. 2022  will have to see all stakeholders come together and make decisive steps towards inclusive Maas solutions that are practical and with in reach for everybody. To do so, the tech world will have to learn from the world of marketing and convince potential users of the benefits, e.g. providing packages of mobility.

It’s all about access

2022 will see the same headlines as we have seen for the past couple of years, predicting the definite breakthrough of the e-car and renewables. However, I believe the consumers will remain prudent unless some vital issues are solved.  Mobility is and will always be measured in convenience, time and distance. The consumer will consequently choose the one source of energy that can garantee this. As is the case in other consumer behavior, mobility choices are also made on the basis of trust. Renewable energy will have to work on accessibility and availability in order to realize the shift towards more greener ways of transport. 

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