We sat down with Maebh Reynolds, Co-founder of GoPlugable and Motion 2023 speaker for a tete-a-tete about her ambitions for Motion 2023, challenges in the EV world and aiming to be the Airbnb of Electric Vehicle (EV) home chargers.

1.What are you most looking forward to about attending Motion by Electronomous? 

Attending Motion by Electronomous is something I am genuinely thrilled about. The event is a fantastic platform to delve deeper into the sustainable mobility landscape and uncover the latest innovations that are shaping this space. I am eager to gain valuable insights into industry trends, emerging technologies, and market dynamics.

One of the aspects I am most excited about is the opportunity to collaborate and network with other founders in the startup community. I firmly believe in the immense value of sharing ideas and learning from each other’s experiences.

Moreover, I eagerly anticipate the chance to explore the impressive future mobility campus. This will be a great opportunity to showcase our work at GoPlugable and engage in meaningful conversations with current EV drivers. As we are gearing up for our market release shortly after Motion, these interactions will be invaluable in helping us understand our users better and tailor our solutions to meet their needs.

And though a work in progress, we hope to officially launch our app during the event. This significant milestone will mark a new chapter for us at GoPlugable, and we couldn’t think of a better platform to announce it than at Motion by Electronomous.

Motion by Electronomous is more than just an event for me. It’s an opportunity to learn, connect, and contribute to the sustainable mobility revolution. I can’t wait to be a part of it!

2. What are the biggest challenges and opportunities for Future Mobility in cities and regions?

I believe one of the most significant challenges we face is aligning with the European Union’s ambitious goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. This includes a substantial reduction in transport emissions by 51% by 2030. Accelerating electric vehicle (EV) adoption is a critical part of this equation, but it’s essential that EV charging is accessible, convenient, and reliable across all European cities and regions.

Our research has identified that a lack of charging options is one of the most significant barriers to EV adoption. This challenge, however, presents a significant opportunity. It encourages collaboration between government policy, industry, and communities to create a robust and efficient charging infrastructure to support EVs’ widespread use.

Furthermore, there is a need to improve public perception and awareness of the benefits of driving EVs. Many people are still unaware of EVs’ advantages, both in terms of cost savings and environmental impact. By increasing awareness and changing perceptions, we can drive a more rapid shift towards EVs and meet the ambitious climate goals set by the European Union.

3. What is the greatest tech innovation in the Mobility Space and how will this impact how we move people or goods?  

In my view, one of the most significant technological innovations in the mobility space is the rapid advancement in battery and charging technology for electric vehicles.

The development of high-capacity, fast-charging batteries is revolutionising the EV landscape. These batteries not only extend the range of EVs, making them more practical for long-distance travel but also significantly reduce the charging time. This game-changer addresses one of the major concerns potential EV buyers have – the fear of running out of charge and the time it takes to recharge.

Moreover, innovations in charging technology, such as wireless charging and V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) technology, are set to transform how we power our vehicles. Wireless charging provides the convenience of charging without the need for cables or plugs, while V2G technology allows EVs to feed energy back into the grid during peak demand, effectively turning them into mobile power stations.

These advancements in battery and charging technology are making EVs more user-friendly and environmentally and economically viable. They are set to profoundly impact how we move people and goods in the future, paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient transportation system.

4. Which two people do you admire most in Mobility/Cities and why?  

Dan Caesar, CEO of the FullyCharged show is someone that I really admire for their tenacity in content creation and education of the benefits of clean energy and driving Electric Vehicles. Fully Charged is the world’s no.1 electric vehicle & clean energy show with over one million subscribers on youtube, and I really enjoy keeping up with Dan’s content on social media. I feel it is really important to have these leaders in our industry that can break down misconceptions and stigma around sustainable transport in a simple, straightforward manner. Highly recommend giving FullyCharged a watch on youtube!

On the other hand, Melanie Lane, the General Manager of Shell Recharge, is another leader in the mobility sector who I deeply respect. Lane is at the forefront of one of the largest oil and gas companies’ transition into renewable energy. Her work with Shell Recharge, a service that provides high-powered EV charging stations, is a testament to her commitment to sustainable mobility. Despite the challenges of shifting a traditional energy company’s focus towards renewables, Lane’s leadership is driving significant change within Shell and the broader energy sector. Her ability to navigate this complex transition and her dedication to promoting EV adoption are commendable.

5. What are your personal/business goals for attending the event?  

Attending the event serves multiple purposes for me, both on a personal and business level. On a personal note, I am keen to connect with other founders in the mobility space. Hearing about their journeys and business progressions would be incredibly valuable, especially as we at GoPlugable are in our early stages. I am particularly interested in meeting other women in the mobility sector and learning from their experiences.

From a business perspective, we have an open waiting list on our website,, for future hosts and chargees to onboard to our app first and keep up to date with our development. The event presents a fantastic opportunity to welcome more EV enthusiasts to our GoPlugable community and expand our network.

Moreover, we are open to exploring partnerships with EV associations, hardware distributors, and manufacturers. These collaborations could significantly enhance our offerings and contribute to our mission of revolutionising EV charging.

One of the most exciting aspects of attending the event is the potential launch of our app. We are hoping to announce our arrival in the market during the event officially. This would be a significant milestone for us, and we can’t wait to share our progress with the world. The event is more than just a networking opportunity – it’s a platform for growth, learning, and making our mark in the sustainable mobility space.