Innovating and investing in the changing world of mobility is the charge among the industry’s major players.

Mc Kinsey reports that the four major trends – autonomous driving, connectivity, electrification and smart mobility – will dramatically shift the industry’s traditional business models and allow new players into the competitive landscape.


How to Maintain Competitive Advantage


Prioritise Technology that Sets Your Organisation Apart

Identify trends in the emerging tech-driven mobility landscape and figure out which specific area of the new mobility value chain you want to penetrate. Micro mobility? Mobility as a service?

From there, prioritise the technological capabilities that will be required to achieve your objectives. Perhaps you already have them, but most likely you’re going to need to acquire some new talent with specialised expertise.

Invest where you see opportunity to differentiate your organisation. McKinsey suggests considering “purchasing or investing in companies, forming partnerships or alliances, or developing new kinds of tier-one relationships.”

Develop Strong Partnerships

As the industry evolves and competition expands to accommodate new interactions, partnerships and scalable ecosystems among OEMs, suppliers, and service providers will prove to be critical not only within the industry, but beyond.

Leveraging such partnerships will enable cost sharing for new technology and infrastructure. Partnering with government agencies to develop new micro mobility solutions and educate the public about the benefits of new mobility technology will help accomplish today’s pressing objectives.

Remain Agile

Facilitating more effective internal collaboration will be important.

An organisation’s internal processes must reflect a commitment to iterative software development. New business models like mobility as a service (MaaS) will demand expertise that will likely need to be outsourced.

Stay on top of market trends and remain agile enough to respond accordingly with new technology and upgrades.