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Mobility Hubs: Drone & EVTOL

There is much hype around Advanced Air Mobility.
What does a realistic vision look like for the island of Ireland? A vision that excites, without setting unrealistic expectations.

Advanced Air Mobility & Logistics
Panel, (Plenary)
Transportation & Mobility Research

A Spotlight on research in Ireland.

(Session 1 of 2)

Integrating Public Transportation and Shared Autonomous Mobility for Equitable Transit Coverage
Shared Mobility
Panel, (Plenary)
Smart And Sustainable EV Charging Infrastructure
Electrification, Fleets & Battery tech
Safer Roads and Sustainable Transport

Navigating the Impact of New Legislation on Transport, Micromobility, and Road Safety

Data Making Mobility Truly Smart

How do we leverage data in real time to optimise transport and mobility solutions for transport operators, fleet operators and the end users.

Shared Mobility
Navigating the Horizon: Unleashing the Potential of a Mobility Cluster

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and evolving consumer demands, the concept of innovation clusters has emerged as a pivotal force shaping industries worldwide. Defined as geographic concentrations of interconnected companies, specialised suppliers, service providers, and associated institutions, clusters foster both competition and collaboration. Within this dynamic context, Ireland stands at a crossroads, poised to explore the vast possibilities of a Mobility Cluster.

This panel discussion aims to dissect the latent potential within the Irish mobility sector. As the nation continues to make strides in technology, sustainability, and transportation, the formation of a Mobility Cluster presents an exciting opportunity for Ireland to become a global leader in the field. Such a cluster would serve as a platform for industry players, research, and government entities, to synergise their efforts and drive growth within the sector.

Our panellists, including will delve into the intricacies of cluster development, exploring its potential impacts on Ireland’s mobility landscape. We’ll address key questions such as the role of innovation in cluster formation, the collaborative power of a geographically concentrated network, and how such a cluster could redefine Ireland’s position on the global mobility stage.

Micromobility, Equity, and Sustainability

Join us for an insightful panel discussion on the transformative potential of micromobility in urban landscapes. This session delves into the crucial intersections between urban mobility, environmental concerns, and social equity.

In a world grappling with congestion, emissions, and air quality issues, micromobility emerges as a beacon of hope for cities seeking innovative solutions. Our discussion centres on the evolving trends in micromobility. Beyond a simple analysis of benefits and drawbacks, this panel delves deeper into the social costs associated with the integration of e-scooters, electric bikes, and pedal bikes into urban transit systems.

Shared Mobility
Electrifying Fleets, Good for The Planet and Compelling Economically
Electrification, Fleets & Battery tech
Panel, (Plenary)
Startup Pitch Sessions

Meet some of the most exciting Automotive and Mobility startups in this quick fire presentation session.

5 – 10 Minute Pitches
enhancing Motorway Operation Services & TII’s C-ITS Pilot

TII’s enhancing Motorway Operation Services (eMOS) programme of works has seen the upgrading of the Motorway Operation Control Centre, the development of a new Network Intelligence Management System and the deployment of over four hundred pieces of Intelligent Transport Systems equipment on the M50 which will allow TII to react real time to events on the network with a greater level of traffic control via variable speeds and red-X capabilities.

eMOS also encompasses TII’s C-Roads Ireland Cooperative-ITS (C-ITS) pilot. C-ITS Roadside Units deployed on the M50 and M1 will communicate directly with C-ITS On-Board Unit (OBU) equipped vehicles while outside of the M50 and M1 messages are sent to the OBUs via the cellular network. The cellular network will also be used to send messages to mobile app users.

The presentation will provide an overview of eMOS and an update of progress of the C-Roads Ireland C-ITS pilot.

Transportation & Mobility Research

A Spotlight on research in Ireland.

(Session 2 of 2)

West Of Ireland a Global Technology Hub
The Journey of Demand Responsive Transportation

Improving transport equity by utilising demand-responsive and on-demand transport.

Shared Mobility
Keynote, Panel

Expo arena

Morning Coffee
Networking Lunch in Collaboration with Clare County Council
Afternoon Coffee and Networking
Evening Social Summit

A casual end of day networking drinks event designed to offer attendees an opportunity to connect over some locally brewed craft beers, lights bites. This year’s event will take place following the final stage talk in the event venue.


Workshop Garage 1

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland Workshop

Enabling Ireland’s Mobility Future

SEAI is excited to host this engaging workshop, bringing together key players from the mobility sector to envision the future of transport mobility across Ireland. We’re eager to hear your insights and thoughts on the barriers and enablers shaping the landscape of transportation.

Discover the cutting-edge developments and technological advancements in e-mobility and active travel, and gain valuable insights into the future mobility landscape. From e-mobility to car ownership, from integrating with public transport to promoting active travel, we’ll explore it all.

This session is not just about discussing the current state but also about shaping the future. Together, we’ll delve deep into discussions, challenge the status quo, and collectively drive innovation and progress in the mobility sector. Your input will be pivotal in accelerating the shift towards sustainable and efficient mobility solutions.

Let’s uncover the gaps, break down barriers, and explore the untapped opportunities in enabling mobility as a service.

Join us at “Enabling Ireland’s Mobility Future” and be at the forefront of shaping the transportation landscape of tomorrow. Your voice matters, and together, we can pave the way for a greener, smarter, and more connected mobility future for Ireland.

Electrification, Fleets & Battery tech

Workshop Garage 2

Mobility Futures with Accenture

Imagine a city where streets are designed for people. Envision a future where communities flourish, and mobility is redefined by human needs, not just convenience. If this sparks your curiosity and passion for creating meaningful change, we invite you to be a part of an inspiring journey at our upcoming workshop: “Cities at Human Scale”

Hosted by: James Atkinson, Sustainability Lead at Accenture

What if we imagine a city designed for humans, not cars? What is stopping us and what technology can get us there faster?

In this 40-minute interactive workshop, James Atkinson will take participants on a journey from systems challenge to mobility opportunity. Through thought-provoking exercises, facilitated discussion and collaborative thinking, participants will develop key interventions to achieve a future where cities are at human scale. If you like jumping into challenges, ideating innovative solutions to major mobility problems, this workshop is not to be missed.

Electrification, Fleets & Battery tech
Opportunities for Shared Mobility in Ireland

Workshop hosted by Olga Anapryenka, Principle Consultant at Steer Group

The rapid evolution of urban mobility has catalysed the emergence of shared mobility solutions as vital components of modern transportation ecosystems. This workshop, titled “Opportunities for Shared Mobility in Ireland,” is designed to engage key stakeholders in a collaborative discussion about the potential and challenges of shared mobility services within the Irish context. The workshop will bring together participants from various domains, including shared micromobility providers, Demand-Responsive Transport (DRT) operators, car-sharing companies, Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) providers, alongside representatives from the public sector, including local councils and government bodies.

The workshop will conclude with a synthesis of the discussions, highlighting key takeaways and actionable recommendations. These insights will be directed towards supporting the shared mobility industry in Ireland, laying the foundation for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Shared Mobility

Outdoor Test Drive Area

Test Drive Arena

Experience a thrilling ride with a variety of the most exhilarating electric vehicles available in the Irish market, including renowned brands like Polestar, Tesla, Porsche, Lotus, and many others.

Join us for a full-day event of test drives, absolutely free of cost.

Secure your spot by pre-registering ahead of the event.

(Running throughout the day. Free of charge but preregistration is required).

Electrification, Fleets & Battery tech
Demo and Trial


Electric Vehicle Test Drives E-Bikes, E-Scooters and Various Other Shared Mobility Demos in on the Purpose-Built Demo Track

Running throughout the day.

Shared Mobility
Demo and Trial

Jaguar Land Rover Ireland

Software Engineering Centre Tour

Embark on an exclusive tour of the Jaguar Land Rover R&D facility at the Shannon Campus. Engage with JLR’s expert team, gain valuable insights, and delve into their cutting-edge projects.

VCDP • Vehicle Connnected Data Platform: Near real time data capture – using our Vehicle Analytics (VA) client within our IPACE, data transmitted to our connected data platform for processing and visualising on a live signal dashboard to help support prognostic and self healing. Data Science – An overview of how we are leveraging data insights and analytical capabilities to improve our vehicles/business such as the state of health of our batteries.

ADAS • Autonomous driving and Driver assistance systems reduce the cognitive load on drivers. Active Safety features like Automatic emergency breaking also reduce the accidents on roads.

V&V • The Validation and Verification of software before deployment in the field is essential in ensuring the quality of the product and find faults before the vehicles are shipped to customers.

ESF • The Enterprise Software Factory supplies software developers with the tools and infrastructure needed for efficient workflows as well as automated testing.

Cyber Security • With the increased connectivity of vehicles, the attack surface for hackers is increased and the need for secure systems is bigger than ever before.