Benjamin Scher

Lead Product Strategy

Benjamin Scher studied in Bremen, Madrid and Oslo and holds a PhD from the University of St. Gallen. Until 2021 he led the H&Z Center for Future Mobility and was engaged in various projects around autonomous driving, digital mobility solutions, and new energy sources. For the last two years he has worked with the Volkswagen subsidiary MOIA, who operate the largest fully electric ridepooling fleet in Europe in the Northern Germany city of Hamburg. As the Lead Product Strategy he is responsible to enable MOIA’s digital and physical product for the upcoming years of scaling their service into multiple European cities. Besides that, Benjamin is the chairman of the advisory board of UAM-InnoRegion-SH, a major R&D project funded by the German ministry of Research and Education, to support the development of unmanned aerial vehicle applications and is the CEO of the strategy boutique movingfutures.