Darren Kinsella

EV Software Lead UK

Darren Kinsella is a distinguished energy transformation leader and the Business Development Manager – New Energy Landscapes at Schneider Electric. With over two decades of experience, Darren’s expertise spans energy management, automation, and sustainable strategies. As the former CEO of Darkin EV, he pioneered innovative EV charging solutions and played a pivotal role in its acquisition by an international organization in 2021. 


Darren’s influence extends beyond business as he serves as Vice President of the Association of Electrical Contractors in Ireland (AECI) and is a founding member of the Electric Vehicle Charger Installers Association of Ireland (EVCIA). He actively contributes to shaping industry standards through roles in the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) and Zero Emissions Vehicles Ireland (ZEVI).  


Joining Schneider Electric, Darren now drives growth and innovation. He sits on the board of Smart Grid Ireland, contributing to sustainable solutions in energy distribution. Darren’s commitment to sustainable energy and expertise in electric vehicles make him an invaluable asset in Schneider Electric’s mission to shape a greener energy future.