Khushboo Wadhwani

Senior Engineer, Research

Khushboo is Senior Research Engineer at the Applied Research and Technology (ART) entity of Collins Aerospace in Cork, Ireland. Involved in the U-space ecosystem for nearly 3 years now, she holds prior work experience in the field of Full-Flight Simulators for civil aviation and IT systems development and deployment.

With keen interest and passion for the aerospace sector, she has worked on developing workflows, algorithms and production roadmap for U-space services and continuingly builds her expertise on the service requirements, applicable regulations, standardization efforts, technological advancements to facilitate U-space operations on scale. She currently poses as Technical lead from Collins for SPATIO and provides operational support for ENSURE and EALU-AER, all of which are SESAR U-space projects. 

Her educational background entails aerospace systems engineering, with focus on Guidance, Navigation and Controls (GNC) theory and electrical and electronics engineering.