“Lewis Mumford described the city as a fundamentally communicative space, rich in information”.

According to projections, nearly 70% of the world population will live in urban areas by 2050. Environmental, social, and economic sustainability is a must to keep pace with this rapid expansion that is taxing our cities’ resources.

While some megacities are already struggling to cope with the current inflow of people, we need to create Smart cities in order to make these urban areas more liveable and truly sustainable.

Smart cities aren’t just a concept or a dream of the future. With the progression of Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G connectivity, electrification & autonomous mobility solutions many are already active and expanding rapidly.  These advancements are helping cities to change into a greener, safer and effectively planned urban environment.

Municipal governments are leveraging new technologies to connect and improve infrastructure, efficiency, convenience, and quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

But what are these new technologies and how will they create better cities for the generations to come? How do we connect these great companies and ideas with the policy makers and city decision makers globally?

At this year’s event we will hold a number of designated sessions, bringing together some of the World’s leading Smart Cities. We will share how collaboration with cutting edge tech companies and cities is helping to shape our future cities.

This is your opportunity to connect with cities and industry. Our Goal – to help our innovators and governments collaborate and understand the opportunities which exist to make our cities better.


If you are a company looking to engage with a city this is the event opportunity for you:

  • We will host a number of select meetings designed to introduce the most relevant to companies some of the leading smart cities globally.
  • Hear from public sector buyers about their procurement processes, what they want from suppliers and upcoming opportunities
  • Find out about the latest procurement news and trends
  • Find out about funding opportunities and supports available


This year we are Celebrating the Innovators.

We are calling on the brightest and the best young talent to submit their work for peer review.

For the first time the Rising Stars initiative will salute the work of a small selection of Mobility professionals who our team of judges feel are the pioneers of the future. It’s your opportunity to have your work seen by the decision makers in industry and government.


We are looking for the hottest Mobility a Start-ups from bootstrapped to seed round of investment.

  • Showcase your product / services
  • Selected Start –ups will gain invaluable exposure in our pitch sessions
  • You will have an audience of thought leaders, pioneering brands, other innovative start-ups, solution providers, media and the investment communities at IMS 2020
  • Learn from experienced entrepreneurs, C-level unicorn employees and investors during our interactive seminars