We asked David Klahr, President at David Klahr Consulting, to share his predictions for mobility in 2022.

The 20th Century was all about the masses – large groups of people with the same needs all moving at the same time to the same place. Their solutions were also massive and expensive: rail, subways/metros, and huge fixed route bus systems serving core downtowns.

We are now deep enough into the 21st Century to understand it will be about personalization and customization. TNCs and Bikeshare systems have very different operations and price points but they are both successful because they both allow the passenger to choose their own experience and their own point-to-point route.

For 2022 and beyond, expect to see a lot of continued growth in modes that offer these personalization opportunities and a continued shift away from legacy systems that don’t meet today’s needs. Mass transit is struggling to recover from the COVID-19 crisis, but bikeshare and shuttles are growing quicky. Quick, cheap, and personalized will win the day.

Legacy providers that understand the cultural shift will be able to change what they now offer to meet today’s expectations. The opportunity window won’t last forever, by the end of the decade it will be too late.

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