We asked Jakob Muus, Founder and CEO of Tracks Gmbh to share his predictions for mobility.

“I’m looking forward to the future of mobility, in particular to those innovations that will manage and reduce carbon emissions. In the short term though, these innovations are going to experience some bumps along the way, especially when it comes to infrastructure. The risk exists that we will be unable to keep up with innovation and implementation. For instance, in the near future and as more and more companies introduce EVs and hydrogen-fueled vehicles to their fleets, I predict that we are going to suffer from “propulsion shortages.” These shortages will be caused by everything from raw-material shortfalls, aging power networks, legislative and regulatory hurdles; simply put, the infrastructure roll-out on the supply side will not be able to keep up with the demand.”  

In addition, I believe that we will see an acceleration in the “internalization” of what has hitherto been considered an externality: greenhouse gases (GHGs). Carbon will become increasingly more visible in the marketplace, particularly when it comes to fast-moving consumer goods. I foresee the emergence of apps that customers can use to scan product barcodes and instantly receive a precise picture of the CO2 impact of that product.

Consumers are going to become more demanding when it comes to carbon disclosure and carbon footprints of products they wish to buy. Online financial services provider, Klarna, already displays detailed emissions data for purchases on their customer dashboard. The Yuka barcode scanning app is already used by customers to get detailed information on the health impacts of cosmetics. Some brands have started voluntarily printing carbon footprints on the packaging. We look forward to contributing to this necessary shift, and to providing precise emissions measurement and management to power the change that is needed.”  

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