We sat down with Robert Martin, Head of Mobility, JAJA Architects, to find out his predictions for mobility in 2023.

More sectors will adapt to new mobility needs 

“I predict that in 2023, we will see a significant increase in interest in mobility across sectors. One example is the real estate industry, as developers recognize the value of providing mobility services as part of their new urban development lifestyle offerings. As cities continue to grow and become more densely populated, the need for efficient and sustainable transportation solutions, that can replace private car ownership, will become increasingly important. Developers will recognize this need and begin to incorporate mobility services into their projects, such as building bike-sharing stations, electric vehicle charging stations, and even offering on-demand transportation services to residents.”

“As a result, we will see a growing interest in companies that provide shared transportation services, vehicles, and planning software, such as car-sharing companies and MaaS app developers. City authorities will also be more interested in funding smart transportation projects such as mobility hubs, while working with real estate developers to create new transportation solutions that utilise new urban planning principles. Overall, the interest in mobility in 2023 will be driven by the need for sustainable development solutions and the desire to improve the quality of life for urban residents. Developers and city governments will work together to provide innovative transportation options and make them more accessible to the public.

About Robert 

Robert Martin is an Australian architect, researcher and mobility expert based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is the current Head of Mobility at JAJA Architects where he is responsible for designing mobility strategies for cities, consultation for public and private mobility operators, as well as the development of new typologies of urban transport infrastructure. Robert holds a PhD in Sustainable Urban Mobilities from Aalborg University. He has also completed studies at the University of Sydney, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and the Yale School of Architecture. 

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