We sat down with Robin Eriksson, CEO, Cogo, to find out his predictions for mobility in 2023.

Cities and operators will learn how to co-exist 
“The Wild West of shared mobility was the early days of e-scooters, when tens of thousands of vehicles were deployed in cities without warning. The disorder that ensued caused certain cities, like Copenhagen, to react with complete bans, while some, like Stockholm, just let them be, and other cities, like Paris, initiated tender processes to regulate the market. After years of trial and error, regulations that satisfy all parties are being put into practice and cities, operators, and urban residents are finally learning how to co-exist. 

Shared mobility users will ask for more

“More people will realise the benefits of shared mobility and ask for better, more convenient experiences. As more cities cap the number of operators and regulate their fleet size, it will be harder for users to find a vehicle conveniently parked close by. Other barriers for users are the many apps, as well as the requirements to sign-up and register for each of the various services. 

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