Seedballs Kenya, Bolt, and a number of non-governmental organizations, the seeds of numerous indigenous tree species will be planted in areas of Kenya where natural reforestation is unlikely or impossible. As the seeds develop into trees, they will assist in offsetting the carbon footprint of Bolt rides and Bolt Food deliveries.

This partnership between Seedballs Kenya and Bolt will called Seedbolts.

You may be familiar with Kenya’s captivating landscapes and vast wildlife reserves. Behind this beautiful scene, however, are grave environmental problems, including deforestation, soil erosion, land degradation, desertification, loss of biodiversity, water scarcity, and industrial pollution. Just 7.4 percent of the country is forested, which falls short of the constitutionally mandated 10 percent by 2.6%.

Charcoal is the primary source of energy for 82% of urban households and 34% of rural households, so its demand plays the greatest role in this deforestation. Coincidentally, the by-products of charcoal production are the origin of Seedbolts — Seedballs Kenya and its co-founder Teddy Kinyanjui have devised an ingenious and cost-effective method for replanting local woodland areas quickly and affordably.

Partners from Chardust Ltd. who work with Seedballs Kenya purchase the charcoal dust that remains after selling charcoal, clean it, and use it to cover various tree and grass seeds, protecting them from various birds, insects, rodents, and direct sunlight, thereby increasing their chances of survival.

“We’re giving Mother Nature a helping hand by protecting the seeds from predators and the sun until the appropriate natural environmental conditions trigger germination.”

Seedballs Kenya

Seedbolts are also one of the most efficient ways to reforest large areas because they do not require digging, watering, or fertilizing; instead, they are simply thrown onto the soil and left to the elements. After precipitation, the charcoal coating liquefies and the seed falls into the moist soil, where it germinates.

What is the purpose of Seedbolts?

Planting Seedbolts is:

Effective: Seedbolts can be distributed at any time of the year and will not germinate until the first rains.

Large quantities of Seedbolts can be easily dispersed across vast, typically inaccessible areas.

Productive: Direct seeding reduces transplant shock and encourages young trees to develop stronger roots, thereby promoting their development into stronger trees. The coating protects the seed until the first rainfall, after which it creates an environment conducive to germination.

Seedbolts are sourced locally from the Kenya Forestry Research Institute, which maintains a seed bank of approximately 220 tree species collected from over 600 provinces in Kenya.

Precisely, Seedballs Kenya researchers determine which types of trees grow best in each region and manufacture Seedbolts suited to that region.

You can determine where Seedbolts were planted by consulting a map. The map includes photos and GPS coordinates of the locations where the partners dispersed the materials.

How is Bolt going to plant over eleven million Seedbolts?

With the assistance of various non-governmental organizations, they will distribute tree and grass seeds via road and air throughout the course of this year. In particular, South Eastern Kitui University, Kibwezi Well Wishers, Save The Giraffes Now, Kijabe Forest Trust, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Kampour Travel Foundation, Mother Earth Network, Eden Project, and Big Life Foundation.

By initiating the Seedbolts project and planting over 11 million new tree seeds throughout Kenya, Bolt are essentially watering two plants with a single hose. We are planting new trees to offset the carbon emissions from their services, as well as preventing soil erosion, water runoff, and enhancing the country’s soil fertility.

1 Seedbolt ordered equals 1 extra

We continue to believe that walking is the most sustainable mode of transportation, but if you need a quick, affordable ride, try the Bolt app.

On Earth Day, in addition to the 11 million Seedbolts that neutralize the emissions of your Bolt rides and food deliveries, Bolt will plant an additional Seedbolt for every ride, scooter, and food delivery order made. One Bolt or Bolt Food order results in the planting of one tree seed.