We sat down with Shane Prendergast, Programme Manager for EV Charging Infrastructure & Smart Networks for SEAI who is involved in furthering the electrification of transport in Ireland and decarbonisation of the sector through policy advice and implementation, education and encouragement to switch to multi-modal and electric travel. We wanted to find out what his goals for Motions were, and what inspires him to do what he does.

  1. What are you most looking forward to about attending Motion by Electronomous

Getting a full picture of activity in the mobility sphere in Ireland to understand better how SEAI can support the transition to a net zero transport sector. To make connections and discuss opportunities for collaboration. To engage with the energy and enthusiasm with the industry and see what innovation is happening.


  1. What are the biggest challenges and opportunities for Future Mobility in cities and regions?  

Behaviour Change



  1. What is the greatest tech innovation in the Mobility Space and how will this impact how we move people or goods?  

A fluid mobility as a service platform allowing people to plan a journey across multiple modes of travel without having to buy tickets from each provider. It will move the Irish citizens away from single occupancy car journeys and potentially car ownership.


  1. Which two people do you admire most in Mobility/Cities and why?  

The willing participant to try mobility options. They provide me with the drive and energy to keep pursuing the direction towards mobility. The innovators, it is refreshing to see the development of people, tech and infrastructure to remove barriers and make the user experience seamless.


  1. What are your personal/business goals for attending the event?  

To make a difference and engage with the industry in more depth, to provide SEAI’s expertise in the area and showcase the potential for collaboration with an energetic, courageous, innovating and citizen focussed public body for facilitating real and meaningful change.