Iñaki Iglesias Aguinaga

Head of Technology and Innovation Futurist

After more than 14 years working in the automotive industry and focused on the modelling and development of systems for hybrid/electric vehicles, during the last two years I have had the opportunity to transfer all the knowledge acquired to the aeronautical sector in order to devise the urban air mobility of the future.

In addition to working on aeronautical projects with relevant companies, I have been able to put into practice what I like the most, which is to create the future through technology and develop high performance teams to make it happen.

After two years we have developed LAUREN, a prototype of electric urban aircraft that takes a disruptive leap with respect to what exists today within the urban air mobility ecosystem. LAUREN’s technology allows for easier integration of the aircraft into urban environments and offers a more relaxed and quiet flying experience than the rest of today’s urban aircraft concepts.