Michael J. Granoff

Founder and Managing Director of Maniv Mobility

Michael Granoff is founder and Managing Director of Maniv Mobility, a venture capital fund based in Tel Aviv which invests globally in startup companies at the intersection of transportation and technology. Founded in 2015, Maniv has raised two funds and has roughly $145 million under management. Maniv’s LP base includes five global automakers and four automotive suppliers, spanning every major automotive production center in the world.

The Maniv portfolio includes nearly 30 mobility startups that include companies developing sensors, software, simulation, localization, data monetization, autonomous systems, over-the-air updates, automotive cyber-security, mobility service models, including shared, urban platforms, and more. The majority of portfolio includes companies based in Israel, Germany, Spain, Australia and several parts of the US.

Mr. Granoff is on the board of several startup companies as well as that the Washington, DC-based policy and advocacy group Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE), which he helped establish in 2004. Past board roles included that of electric car network developer Better Place. He has been involved in three US Presidential campaigns and in 2010 received Brandeis University’s Asper Award for Global Entrepreneurship.

Mr. Granoff holds a B.A. from Tufts University, an MBA and JD from Kellogg, Northwestern University, is a veteran marathon runner and father of four.