Pamela Cohn

Chief Operating Officer at Urban Air Mobility of Hyundai Motor Group

Pamela Cohn is chief operating officer of Hyundai Air Mobility, Hyundai Motor Company’s new innovative division focused on revolutionizing air transportation. Cohn has a proven track record helping aerospace and mobility organizations bring fresh thinking and out-of-the-box solutions to meet rising consumer demands, streamline operations and navigate complex regulation.


Prior to joining Hyundai, Cohn was the founder and managing partner of Ascension Global, an aviation advisory firm sought after by leaders in the aviation, aerospace and transportation sectors. Before founding Ascension, Cohn founded McKinsey’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Hub and was a leader in McKinsey’s aerospace & defense and infrastructure practices.


About Hyundai Air Mobility

Hyundai Air Mobility is a new division within Hyundai Motor Company created to democratize flight and revolutionize air transportation. The division plans to develop three smart mobility solutions to help alleviate cities of tomorrow from traffic congestion and provide city residents with more time to generate value in their lives – urban air mobility (UAM), purpose built vehicles (PBVs) and the Hub, a venue for mobility transfer and community activities. These new forms of mobility sit at the center of innovation for Hyundai and are anchored in four key pillars: safe, quiet, affordable and passenger-centered.