Paul-Adrien Cormerais

Founder & CEO at pony

Paul-Adrien Cormerais is the CEO and co-founder of pony, the first and only peer to peer shared micromobility platform.
Pony allows local individual investors to finance purpose made bikes and scooters in exchange for 50% of the revenue generated through rentals. This unique business model means the bikes and scooters each belong to local citizens, which incentivises good behavior, ensures a controlled growth and allows those schemes to contribute to the local economy.

Prior to this, Paul-Adrien received an Engineering degree in Computer Science in France and a Masters’ Degree in Mathematics from Imperial College. Paul-Adrien has worked as a Quantitative Researcher for 5 years. Fuelled by his love for well made and simple but functional products, Paul has applied his skills to design and develop one of the first bike and e-scooters free floating solutions in Europe.