Prescott Watson

Principal, Maniv Mobility

Prescott invests in, advises and has served in senior product roles for high-growth companies in the US and Israel. In his role at venture fund Maniv Mobility, Prescott is an investor in numerous companies working towards a safer, cleaner, energy-secure transportation future. This includes Bolt Bikes, Gas Pos, Revel Transit, Pact Insurance, among others. Previously, Prescott was an investor in and a product advisor to augmented reality startup Edgybees, and was instrumental in its entrance to the US defense market. Prescott lived in Israel for five years during his time with fintech startup OurCrowd, where he joined as the first employee in 2012. OurCrowd is today a wealth management platform with $2B AUM and recognition by KPMG as a "top 10 global fintech leader". Having returned to the US in 2017, Prescott now enjoys arguing about equitable transportation policy and supporting the YIMBY movement in San Francisco.
About Maniv
Maniv Mobility is a seed stage VC focused on mobility, logistics and transportation startups. Maniv is based in Tel Aviv & San Francisco and investing globally out of a recently announced new $100M fund with backing from Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, BMW, Hyundai, Aptiv, Shell, Deutsche Bahn amongst others. Portfolio companies includes Phantom Auto, Cognata, Revel Transit, as well as Turo, Nexar, Nauto, Hailo, Upstream, etc.movement in San Francisco.