Gareth Dunsmore

Electric Vehicle Director, Nissan Europe

Gareth is currently Electric Vehicles Director for Nissan Europe, a role which encompasses three main areas: infrastructure, sales and marketing for electric vehicles (EV). Since the creation of this role in 2013, similar positions have been created in the US and Japan. He also works alongside Nissan’s external affairs department to communicate with European governments on the importance of investing in charging infrastructure.

Career history

Gareth has been with Nissan for the past 12 years, having joined the company as a sales officer before moving to the graduate programme in 2003. A year later he became a Business Centre Controller in the UK, where he introduced a standardised customer promise and incentive scheme. In 2005 he moved to be a Sales Performance Section Manager, covering 22 dealers in central Southern England. Four years later, Gareth moved to Paris to become the Interactive Section Manager for Nissan in Europe, where he was part of the team that launched a new digital platform for the website, mobile, and tablet across 27 languages in just six months.

From February 2011 to April 2012, Gareth was the Product Manager for Nissan Juke, where he was responsible for the strategy to deliver the performance version of the vehicle – the Juke NISMO. For this position he moved to Rolle, Switzerland, and he describes the success of the vehicle as having “captured the hearts of many countries across Europe”. He became Marketing Communications General Manager Europe in May 2012, before taking on his current roles of Electric Vehicle Director in 2015. 

Achievements at Nissan

Gareth is extremely proud of his work around the launch of the new Nissan LEAF, which hit the roads in January of 2018. “From a legacy perspective, the original LEAF is a real stand-out for Nissan, and the best-selling Electric Vehicle in history. To have been able to build on that legacy, improve the vehicle’s capabilities, and usher in the next generation of Electric Vehicles, has been a fantastic project to be involved in.” he said.

Why is Nissan Different?

Gareth says that Nissan is special because anyone in the company can have an idea that is taken forward. “If you come up with idea that delivers on building innovation that excites, then people listen”, Gareth says. “There are always new opportunities to help us deliver our brand objectives across Europe and the company is a big supporter of that empowerment.”

Future Predictions

Gareth believes the future is an exciting mix of everything from Autonomous Drive through to fuel efficiency and connected cities. “We need to continue to grapple with these but put simply,” Gareth says, “a connected world linked to autonomous and EV is going to continue to accelerate at a rate of knots. The car industry will move to a position of continuous evolution, rather than just new vehicles every few years.”