Splyt and TIER Mobility (TIER), the world’s largest provider of shared micro-mobility, have announced the formation of a strategic alliance. This will grant access to TIER’s global fleet of shared electric vehicles to billions of urban residents, travellers, and superapp users.

Users will soon be able to access TIER’s services through their preferred superapp or travel app, facilitated by Splyt, as opposed to installing several apps and memorizing various login credentials.

Nextbike, a subsidiary of TIER, is also partnering with Splyt, which enhances the new alliance- it’s a partnership that makes sustainable micromobility even more accessible to nextbike’s consumers. The alliance demonstrates the international relevance of bike-sharing services. In addition to the multiple networks in Germany, the service will incorporate the bike-sharing systems in the United Kingdom and the system in León, Spain.

Existing relationships with Alipay, Grab,, and other popular superapps make Splyt’s on-demand network accessible to billions of smartphone users across the world. Splyt fully integrates mobility services into these superapps, naturally supports local language conversion, and offers worldwide customer support, allowing customers to feel at home wherever they are.

TIER takes great satisfaction in assisting communities throughout the globe by supplying emission-free vehicles, including e-scooters, e-bikes, and e-mopeds. Micromobility is a significant facilitator for decreasing automobile dependence. TIER’s electric vehicles “fill in the gaps” by providing a first- and last-mile solution for commuters and travellers, enabling them to reach areas that are not accessible by foot or by public transportation. TIER operates in 22 countries across Europe and the Middle East with the purpose to Change Mobility for Good. Its headquarters are in Berlin. TIER is a climate-neutral organization as of January 2020.

About Splyt
Splyt connects mobility and other services end-to-end within billions of customers’ smartphone applications, including Alipay,, Grab, and Binance. Once active in any of Splyt’s network’s superapps, smartphone users may discover, unlock, and pay for TIER’s electric vehicles without downloading any additional software. Splyt reduces complexity for users and partners by enabling features such as parking zones and rider safety tutorials natively.