Splyt has partnered with Barcelona’s Reby to provide smartphone users with the ability to book and pay for electric scooters directly from their travel app or e-wallet.

The partnership with Splyt enables a diverse range of customers to experience the joys of micromobility, including travelers, commuters, and those new to micromobility.”

Pep Gomez, Chairman and Co-Founder of Reby “Splyt, the superapp enabler, has entered into a partnership with Reby, a leading provider of bikes, scooters and mopeds across Italy and Spain. The partnership will unlock up the use of Reby’s fleet of environmentally friendly vehicles for over 2 Billion people using the apps of Splyt’s partners.”

In 18 cities, Reby rents over 1,000 bicycles, 3,000 scooters, and 8,000 mopeds. This supply will be made available via the Splyt network to the world’s leading travel platforms, e-wallets, and superapps. Splyt’s one-of-a-kind integration enables a true end-to-end experience. This means that users can discover, unlock, and pay for Reby vehicles directly from the apps they already own and use. Additionally, Splyt simplifies the integration process for superapp partners by natively supporting features like parking zones and rider safety tutorials.

Micromobility is critical for reducing reliance on automobiles. Scooters, bicycles, and mopeds “fill in the gaps” by providing a first- and last-mile solution for commuters and travelers, allowing them to reach destinations that are inaccessible by foot or not served by public transportation.

“Splyt already enables over 2 Billion smartphone users worldwide to book and pay for ridehailing, airport transfers, bicycles, and scooters. The partnership with Reby, a micromobility leader in Italy and Spain, will help smartphone users commute around popular mediterranean cities. Global superapps can add our ever growing network of micromobility suppliers to their own platforms with only one integration.” said Philipp Mintchin, co-founder and CEO of Splyt.

“We’re excited that now our fleet of bikes, scooters and mopeds can be rented through apps from across the world.” said Pep Gomez, co-founder and chairman of Reby. “The partnership with Splyt allows for a wide variety of customers – such as travellers, commuters and those new to micromobilty – to experience the joys of micromobilty. And from the comfort of the apps they already use.”