We are delighted to welcome String Network as a strategic partner for our flagship conference, The International Mobility Summit 2022.

STRING is a geographical area and a political member organisation in Northern Europe. They connect cities and regions to collaborate effectively, share knowledge and implement integrated policies to deliver on United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities. Representing some of the world’s most innovative cities and regions, STRING leads the way towards a sustainable future.

On Thursday 13th October at The International Mobility Summit, Claus Christian Claussen, Minister of Justice, Europe and Consumer Protection Land Schleswig-Holstein, and Thomas Becker, Managing Director at STRING will take to the stage and tell us about the green industrial revolution and Northern Europe.

The green industrial revolution begins in Northern Europe

Northern Europe have strong civil, political and economic forces dedicated to the green transition, and the technologies that will define our sustainable future are emerging faster and in greater numbers in the STRING megaregion, than anywhere else on the planet.

Their ever-increasing focus on sustainable development has created an internal market, which offers fertile ground to prove business models in green industrial solutions. But there is one big challenge; individually, the innovative green growth centres in Northern Europe are too small to act independently on the global scene as main drivers of sustainable development and local and regional investment agencies are competing to attract international investments.

It creates a space of opportunity for those who are at the forefront of the green industrial revolution. But what does it take for Northern Europe’s green growth engines to really take on the world stage as one unified green growth center?

“The importance of transport planning cannot be understated, as it defines the structures around our civil, political and economic development. Furthermore, transport infrastructure development is inherently a cross-border issue, and increasingly becoming both a climate and environmental issue. Since transport planning knows no borders, and it is a field with an incredible amount of stakeholders and societal implications, we applaud The International Mobility Summit 2022 and their ambition to bring together stakeholders and decision makers in a global arena to break down national silo thinking, and shed a light on issues of great practical importance for everyone”, says Thomas Becker, Managing Director at STRING.

Join Claus Christian Claussen, Thomas Becker and the global mobility, transport and smart city ecosystem at The International Mobility Summit 2022 this October to shape and plan mobility for our future cities.

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