Superpedestrian is the only micromobility company to be named to Fast Company’s list of the Top 10 Most Innovative Transportation Companies in 2022.

Superpedestrian celebrates two years in the United States and 18 months in Europe since launching its shared e-scooters for urban mobility.

The market leader in micromobility now operates in nearly 60 cities across ten countries.

Over 11 million miles have been covered by Superpedestrians, eclipsing over 3 million miles of short car journeys.

The company’s ground-breaking Vehicle Intelligence system has checked the safety of 15 trillion vehicles.

Fast Company has named Superpedestrian, the pioneering transportation robotics company and manufacturer of the industry-leading LINK e-scooter, one of the top ten most innovative transportation companies. The award comes as Superpedestrian marks two years of fleet operation and 18 months of shared mobility in Europe.

The Fast Company list includes only one micromobility company, Superpedestrian. Among the other names are electric vehicle manufacturer Polestar and US airline JetBlue. According to Fast Company, “to meet growing demand for flexible mobility options, scooter manufacturer Superpedestrian is deploying new safety features on its e-scooters in cities worldwide, including historically underserved areas of Los Angeles.”

Superpedestrian now operates in nearly 60 cities across ten countries, with Europe accounting for 60% of its global markets. Its smallest fleet of 25 electric scooters is based in the small Sicilian town of Isola Delle Femmine, while its largest fleet of 5,000 scooters is based in Los Angeles, California. The average distance traveled on a Superpedestrian e-scooter is 1.5 miles, and the average trip time is 12 minutes. Vehicle Intelligence, the company’s advanced self-diagnostic and self-healing machine learning platform, has performed over 15 trillion vehicle health checks in that time.

During the first two years of Superpedestrian’s global operation, users rode more than 11 million miles and logged more than 2 million hours. This equates to over 3 million miles of avoided car travel, assisting the company in achieving its mission of providing cities with the safest, greenest, and most accessible mobility possible while reducing emissions. During the same time period, its own team has grown significantly, from approximately 30 in March 2020 to over 500 today.

” Robust mechanical design, advanced self-diagnostic and self-protection technologies, and groundbreaking pedestrian protection features make our proprietary shared e-scooter ideally suited to towns and cities everywhere, and we’re delighted to see our thoughtful approach recognised by Fast Company, ” said Haya Verwoord Douidri, Vice President of Superpedestrian (Global Market expansion, policy and strategy).

” The exceptional growth we have earned over the past two years is proof that cities, riders and pedestrians – and Fast Company – value our low-carbon, high-tech transport solutions, our 100% city compliance record, and our culture of seeking continuous improvement everywhere we go.”