Tesco is the first retailer to use a zero-emission electric lorry to convey goods from its distribution centers to its stores in city centers, setting a record for the industry.

With other electric lorries entering operation in the upcoming months, Renault Trucks’ first electrically-powered vehicle of its sort is currently delivering to more than 400 stores in Greater London. The vehicle can carry the same payload as the diesel truck it replaces and has a range of up to 130 miles.

To combat bad air quality, several towns and cities are considering establishing zero-emission zones, and electric vehicles will become more and more crucial for carrying goods to places where diesel lorries are not allowed.

The truck is anticipated to substitute 23 tonnes of CO2e each year for the roughly 30,000 kilometers of road traveled on diesel each year. Tesco’s Dagenham distribution center has electric charge outlets installed to power it.

Additionally, Tesco and Volta Trucks are developing a full-electric truck prototype. The Volta Zero’s purpose-built, from-the-ground-up design was intended to assist address the issue of emissions in urban environments while also enhancing road safety. With cameras in place of wing mirrors and a glasshouse-style cab where the driver sits in the middle, blind spots are reduced and the driver has superior view of pedestrians and other vulnerable road users.

Delivering on the UK’s net zero ambitions can be significantly aided by tackling the roughly 16 percent of domestic transport emissions that heavy goods vehicles, including delivery vehicles, now account for. Tesco’s goal to reach net zero emissions in its own operations by 2035 will be aided by the addition of electric delivery vans to its fleet.

Tesco became the first UK retailer to add electric heavy freight articulated vehicles to its fleet in January of this year. These trucks deliver goods between its distribution center in Magor and the Cardiff rail terminal without emitting any emissions.

Jason Tarry, Tesco UK and ROI CEO said: “We all want to see improved air quality and less pollution in our towns and cities, and electric vehicles will play a crucial role in achieving this. The Tesco distribution network is one of the largest in the UK and provides us with a great opportunity to roll out new technologies like this industry-leading E Tech electric truck from Renault Trucks. Together with our switch to electric home delivery vans and rolling out electric vehicle charging points for our customers, we’re really excited about the improvements we’re making across our business, and our transition to electric vehicles.”

Carlos Rodrigues, Managing Director, Renault Trucks UK & Ireland, said: “We are delighted that Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket chain, has chosen to partner with Renault Trucks on its journey to net zero and selected the E-Tech D-Wide for its first fully electric model to move refrigerated goods more quietly and with zero emissions across the Greater London area.”