When it comes to the future of MAAS, the landscape is continually changing. Micro-mobility in urban environments has been revolutionized by field developments like alternative fuels and smart vehicles. Add to this the influx of cash to the industry in recent years, and you get a market that has seen massive growth but that remains volatile.

When we’re exploring the real-world possibilities of such a rapidly evolving field, it’s important to keep updated on all the latest research around Mobility as a Service. The goal is to use every available resource to maximize cost efficiency and productivity, while remaining true to sustainable, small-footprint goals. Keeping up with these changes while growing a business isn’t easy, but there’s a solution that brings industry leaders together.

Our virtual summit is unique in the field with its panel of experts from around the world. These professionals are leaders in urban micro-mobility research. By the end of this session, you will have the tools to navigate your business in these changing waters.

Additionally, the seminar will discuss the evolution of technology gateways and discuss the role of autonomous vehicles in changing urban environments. Being able to see and analyze future trends is a key part of running a MAAS business. The recent global focus on sustainability and the shift of younger users from personally owned vehicles to mobility services plays a big role in the future of the industry.

As the demand increases, more and more Mobility as a Service platforms emerge, it diversifies and challenges the market that once had only a few giants. We will discuss how newer models affect the overall business dynamic and whether they decrease or increase your company’s chances of growth. The information you will learn at this seminar will equip you to compete in this market and influence the decisions you make in the years to come.