We’re always curious about perspectives. 

We asked two of our speakers, Jens Martin Skibsted, Global Partner at Manyone, and Matthais Schanze Founding Partner at Rethink Mobility about what the greatest tech innovations are in the mobility space today:

“The electrification of bicycles is so far the real game changer in cities. It is too early to say if any high-tech solution can measure up to the low tech opportunities. We can increase the flow of people in congested cities massively in a cheap and green fashion,” said Jens Martin Skibsted.

“The biggest innovation will be to combine all the new tech around autonomous, connected, shared and electric mobility to scalable solutions and business models that provide equitable and emission-free transport for people and goods. And that happens first in the field of last mile logistics,” said Matthais Schanze


Jens Martin Skibsted, Global Partner at Manyone, is a multiple award-winning designer, entrepreneur, and design philosopher. Best known for his urban mobility designs for Biomega, and collaborations with design superstars such as Marc Newson and Bjarke Ingels. He is the founder of Biomega and has helped found several design consultancies including Skibsted Ideation, KiBiSi, and Manyone. 

Matthias Schanze has 15 years of experience in the mobility sector and venture capital. He has a strong track record to get into highly competitive deals as VC investor and to drive top-line growth of startups. He was educated in the UK, US and Italy and lives in Munich, Germany, with his wife and two kids.