The Copenhagen-based green tech company, Viggo, has recently secured a 3.27 million € investment from Norwegian climate-focused venture capital fund, Link Capital, and a group of private Canadian investors. The new funds will allow Viggo to expand their all-electric ride-hailing service and network of urban ultra-fast charging infrastructure for private and business EV drivers.

Viggo’s electric ride-hailing service and ultra-fast charging infrastructure offer a unique value proposition, making them a top contender in the Greentech space. The company is focused on creating an efficient and convenient solution for electric urban transportation, and with this latest investment, they are primed for international expansion.

“We are extremely happy and proud that such forward-thinking investors can see the potential in Viggo and share our vision for the future of electric urban transportation and time-effective charging infrastructure,” said Viggo’s CEO, Kenneth Herschel.

Viggo plans to expand their ultra-fast charging services in their home market and compete against fossil fuel taxi companies in the mobility market. They expect to do more than one million rides in 2023 and launch 100 charge points over the coming 12 months.
“The Viggo concept is highly scalable, and the combination of ultra-fast charging and an app-based ride-hailing service offers a unique value proposition, which is a good fit in many markets, so I’m really pleased to get on board with Kenneth and the team,” said Christian Rangen, Chairman of Link Capital.

Viggo was founded in Copenhagen in 2019 and has already made significant strides in the Greentech space. With 200 electric vehicles in Copenhagen and Aarhus, over 170,000 app users, and 30 employees in Denmark and Lithuania, they are well on their way to becoming a leader in the electric urban transportation market. The company is led by CEO Kenneth Herschel and former Tesla Director Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen as Chairman.
In conclusion, Viggo’s latest investment is a testament to the growth and potential of the green tech industry. Their innovative approach to electric urban transportation and ultra-fast charging infrastructure positions them as a top contender in the global market.